About Us

This Clinic is project of passion – not just for me but for a very unique group of people who have seen the need for such a project.  Helping people with Cancer and other Chronic Diseases is a passion that many people have, but few with the opportunity for fulfillment.  I know this from experience as I have been helping people in this arena for many, many years and have watched the medical system fail these people time and time again. Because of my experience, and the eye-opening lessons we all have learned, a group of colleagues and I determined that the system deeds a radical change and it needs it now.


There is a saying “When good people do nothing, then nothing good gets done”. 


Compassion and respect for the patient have seemed to largely disappear in cancer treatments and in medicine in general. But we believe those qualities are an integral part of any form of medical treatment, and to that end, we have developed a whole new approach to treating not just Cancer, but any form of disease. The Patients, and their quality of life, should be paramount in every medical treatment.


“Primum Non Nocera” is the Latin phrase meaning “first, do no harm”. This is a commonly taught principle in health care. In fact the Hippocratic Oath, taken by all doctors, promises they will abstain from “doing harm” to their patients – how ironic that the very drugs they use cause such devastating results and side effects.  We believe that with proper care and treatment, we can increase Patients’ quality of life and wellbeing, and at the same time, extend their lives.


Are we saying that drugs are bad or useless?  Absolutely not.  What we are saying, and what we believe, is that there are alternative, natural, less debilitating treatment options that should be explored, and then, and only then, traditional drugs should be used as a last resort.  But that should be the Patients’ choice and they should be fully informed as to the consequence of that choice.

What really compelled us to into making the commitment to develop our own Treatment Protocols, and ultimately the Clinic, was DIPG.  This is a devastating childhood disease for which there is no cure and no drugs that can promise to extend a victim’s life span for more than 9 months from diagnosis.  In the 21st century, this should not be acceptable to anyone!!!


For many, many years, TBL-12 has been helping people with a multitude of conditions:  Multiple Myeloma (for which there is FDA approval), Breast Cancer, Brain Tumors, Lung Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Prostate Cancer, and Melanoma as well as several types of Leukemias and rare diseases like Gorham’s Disease and Epidermolysis Bullosa. Then recently we discovered that a child had been on our product for over 8 years – well past the life expectancy of a DIPG Patient. And she isn't just living, she's thriving. She's going to school, riding her bike, just being a kid with her whole life in front of her. Then, we found another DIPG child on the product that was doing exceptionally better than expected. We realized that not only were their life spans increased, but their quality of life was enhanced and they had the one thing that every Patient and parent deserves – Hope. 

The last few years have been a blessing to all of us as we continue to see these children thrive. A great many of our DIPG children are doing well and our original patient is now going to school and has her whole life to look forward to. 

It was at this point that we realized it was our chance, no, our duty, to bring this product to the world to save as many victims of this deadly disease as possible. To bring our dream to fruition we are gathering like-minded people who recognize the need and want to offer whatever assistance they can.  We already have a dedicated group of Medical and Health Professionals, Businesspeople, and Patients who are all working together to move this effort forward.  I would ask you to consider the opportunity to be part of this exciting venture. Donations, of course, are needed, but we also need support, so in any way you can, please contribute to our efforts. We would be most grateful.  


Together we will make a difference. The greater the support, the bigger the difference…


Samuel J Grant

Cancer Wellness Clinic