Every single donations brings us one step closer to ending this disease

and giving children a chance at life.

All donations through The DIPG Foundation, Inc. Charity is eligible for

US tax deductions using their 501c(3) registration. 

All Donations for the Cancer Wellness Clinic are appreciated in any denomination. If you would like to make a one-time donation, please click below. Sign up for updates on research the Clinic publishes and shares with the community.

By signing up for a monthly donation through our affiliated DIPG Foundation, Inc. Charity, you are providing hope for a child that tomorrow will be better than today. You will receive, along with updates on the Clinic and research, updates on children attending the clinic whom you are helping. 

Each Child attending the Clinic costs about $25,000 per year for Treatments alone. Sponsor a child and receive updates on their progress, photos and a Thank-you letter from the child and family, in addition to the updates on the Clinic and research being done. Click the link below to make a tax-deductible donation  through the DIPG Foundation, Inc. Charity. 

Our Facility has 18 hotel rooms, a 40-person restaurant and will have 4 clinical rooms for treatments. Sponsor a room for $50,000 and receive a plaque on the wall and an acknowledgement on our website with your name letting every child and parent know who has helped their child have a chance at life. 

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