Family Friendly 

While the focus will be on the Patients' treatment, our Clinic will be a retreat for the entire family to help each member regain a sense of normalcy and to enjoy life without the constant reminders of the illness looming over their heads.

Set in paradise, the family will be able to spend quality time together while the treatment program is integrated into their enjoyment of the facility.

Is the child having fun building a sandcastle, and doesn't want to stop to go to their doctor's appointment?

No problem - the doctor will make house (or beach) calls.

- Are they mid-movie and not feeling up to going to Phsysical Therapy? No worries - the therapist can come to them. 

- Do Mom and Dad need a date night to reconnect?

We'll have sitters who are ready to step in to give them

much needed time off.

This will be a place for the whole family to heal - together. 

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