Program Costs

This revolutionary Treatment Center is the first of its kind to offer an

all-encompassing Program for both Patient and Family

with very real, very promising results. 

In the last 30 years there has been no advancement in the treatment of DIPG. In over 250 Clinical Trials, using every drug available, nothing has changed the outcome for this disease.

The Cancer Wellness Clinic is now conducting this new Treatment Protocol at its Vanuatu Clinic to change that. 

We are starting by conducting conventional research programs.

Research Institutions around the world are running Toxicity and Efficacy Studies on our Treatment for DIPG, even though these studies have already been done for other cancers with positive outcomes.


A Phase III Human Clinical Trial will then be conducted in order to treat children as quickly as possible - because we know time is something we don't have a lot of.


The Program is expensive at $175,000, but through the generous support of the DIPG Foundation, Inc. in the USA, the aim is for this Program to be free for all those participating in the Trial.

Program Includes: 

An initial 6-Week Treatment Program at the Clinic

Travel and Accommodations for Patient, Parents and Siblings

1 Year Supplement and Treatment Program for at-home use

Monthly Follow-up Care with Doctor via video chat

Access to Doctors for 1 year

1 Follow-up visit for Patient and 1 Parent to Clinic, including Travel and Accommodation Fees

We have seen it over and over: Families go into financial ruin trying to save their child's life - spending their life savings on "Hail-Mary" treatments that are just re-hashing these previous treatments that have failed time and time again. 

Thanks to our generous donors, we are closer and closer to opening our doors to this Clinical Trial, which will be free-of-charge.


Our goal is to offer this Treatment Program to every DIPG Patient, anywhere in the world, at no cost to the families so that every child will have a chance at a normal, healthy life.

The DIPG Foundation, Inc in the USA is working hard to help our cause. Tax-deductible donations made through their foundation go directly to helping build this Program and getting children the treatment they need. 


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