The Treatment with which we have seen results outside of the whole Treatment Program is TBL-12. 

TBL-12 is an all-natural supplement that received Orphan Drug Designation by the US FDA for the treatment of Multiple Myeloma. It is because of this designation and the research needed to obtain this designation that we know that TBL-12 is non-toxic, safe, and EFFECTIVE

Comprised of Sea Cucumber, Sea Urchin, Sea Sponge and Marine Grasses, this all-natural supplement has been used for decades for its immune boosting properties to overcome illness. 

Sea Cucumber, the main ingredient, is harvested from the warm waters of Vanuatu and has been shown to cause apoptosis - programmed cell death which results in the removal of old cells - as well as being shown to be an immune modulator

Working with the body to enhance the immune system and cause apoptosis, TBL-12 has shown tremendous results in overall well-being, as well as in clinical studies. 

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