The Clinic

Due to Covid-19, our clinic is currently closed.
However, our treatments are available via telemedicine consultations for at-home care.
Please contact us for information on setting up a free consultation. 

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The Program

The Program consists of nutritional supplements, naturopathic treatments, acupuncture, massage therapy, physical therapy, psychological therapy and other non-invasive treatments.

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The Resort

Located in paradise, set in a resort-turned-clinic in the South Pacific Ocean, the Cancer Wellness Clinic is the perfect place to heal the mind, body, and soul. 

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Family Friendly

We understand that when a child is diagnosed with a tragic disease, the whole family is affected. This is why we open our doors to the parents and siblings to come, relax, and heal together. 

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The Team

Doctors, Professionals, Research Facilities, Universities, and Volunteers are coming together to make this revolutionary Clinic a reality. Meet the Teem.

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Program Costs

Already a fraction of the the cost of other clinics, we are working hard to provide this clinic free-of-charge for DIPG Patients and their families. 

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Success Stories

We have a handful of children that have already benefited from the Program. Here you will read their stories, and this page will be updated to bring you the latest great news.