Tropical Resort
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The Clinic

The Clinic is a revolutionary Research and Treatment Center focused on the healing of the patient and their family set in a resort-like facility in Paradise. 


The Research

250+ Clinical Trials over the past 30 years have given no advancement in life expectancy or quality of life...

Until Now. 


DIPG is a disease which strikes at the heart of childhood and is in desperate need of a cure. 

This is our mission.


Working within the guidelines of the principle of the Hippocratic Oath:

“First, Do No Harm”

We are bringing clinically researched, proven treatments 

to children with DIPG and all other chronic disease sufferers,

to give everyone a chance of life.

We believe that Quality of Life and Wellbeing is a right, not an option. 

First of its kind Clinical Trial
Retreat for DIPG

Set in a tropical island

resort-like clinic, a comfortable setting for

holistic treatment.

All-Natural, Non-Toxic,
Treatment Program

A revolutionary, all-encompassing Treatment Program with zero side effects.

Sharing Research with the DIPG Research Community

Clinical Findings will be shared with the research community to help world-wide.

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